Language, Hearing and Behavioral Support

Effective communication is necessary for success in all aspects of life. Lifesteps Speech & Language Services provide communication strategies for children and adults who have speech & language delays and/or disabilities. Services help to build essential skills required to communicate clearly and confidently.


  • Testing of specific speech & language skills
  • Caregiver reports
  • Observation & interaction


Lifesteps Speech–Language Pathologists …

provide individualized treatment for a variety of communication needs.


Lifesteps Speech–Language Pathologists …

develop strategies to maximize an individual’s communicative success across different environments.

Behavioral Connection

Lifesteps Board Certified Behavior Analysts provide specialized training and supports for individuals, their families, and the teams who care for children and families with challenging behaviors. Person-Centered Strategies improve communication skills, social skills, coping skills and self-help skills.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Home, Community, and Center‑Based Services
  • Services for All Ages
  • Dual-Certified Staff: Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC)
  • Serving All Ages; Providing Strategies to Develop Effective, Clear and Confident Communication.

For more information, or to have your child evaluated, contact us.