Language and Hearing

Effective communication is necessary for success in all aspects of life. Lifesteps Speech & Language Services provide communication strategies for children and adults who have speech & language delays and/or disabilities. Services help to build essential skills required to communicate clearly and confidently.


  • Testing of specific speech & language skills
  • Caregiver reports
  • Observation & interaction


Lifesteps Speech–Language Pathologists …

provide individualized treatment for a variety of communication needs.


Lifesteps Speech–Language Pathologists …

develop strategies to maximize an individual’s communicative success across different environments.

Behavioral Connection

Lifesteps Speech–Language Pathologists

and Board Certified Behavior Analysts work together to optimize therapy.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Home, Community, and Center‑Based Services
  • Services for All Ages
  • Dual-Certified Staff: Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC)
  • Serving All Ages; Providing Strategies to Develop Effective, Clear and Confident Communication.

For more information, or to have your child evaluated, contact us.