Summer Discovery

Engaging structured summer camp and activities at Lifesteps Early Education Centers in Armstrong, Beaver & Butler Counties for children ages 3 to Kindergarten — helping children grow and develop in a fun and focused environment.

New and exciting experiences each year, centered around a weekly or summer‑long theme supports learning as a continuous process for young children.

STEAM Program

Week 1: Science

Experiments help children develop basic science skills like observing what is happening, using words to describe what they notice, and repeating the action to compare results. Questioning and posing answers are skills used every day in the classroom.

Week 2: Technology

Technology typically refers to computers, smart phones and other devices, but in the STEM world technology refers to using tools and developing fine and gross motor skills. Tools can help children develop eye-hand coordination and strengthen their hand and finger muscles for writing, typing, and drawing.

Week 3: Engineering

Playing with blocks and other building materials develops math and science skills, helping children learn about gravity, balance, shapes, and problem solving.

The Arts

The Arts will be woven throughout each of the weeks of program as each child’s creativity is expressed through design, creative planning, dramatic play, and performance.

Week 4: Mathematics

Sorting and counting are great ways to develop logic and learn basic math skills. Through play with blocks, colors, and shapes children begin to learn concepts such as classification and ordering.


Registration for Summer Discovery begins in March. Contact us today for more information.