Behavioral Support

Lifesteps Board Certified Behavior Analysts provide specialized training and support for individuals, their families, and the teams who care for children and adults with challenging behaviors. Using Person Centered Strategies, we work with participants to improve communication, social, coping and self-help skills.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Lifesteps Behavioral Support Program offers both Tele-Services and In-Person Services. For information, call 724-283-1010.

Does someone you care about struggle with… 

  • Communicating their hopes, feelings, wants and needs
  • Getting along with others
  • Coping with stressors
  • Change
  • Keeping themselves or others safe
  • Making healthy choices
  • Daily living skills
Behavioral Support for Adults with Disabilities

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    Who We Are

    The Lifesteps Behavioral Services team educates, encourages and empowers each individual to recognize and maximize their unique abilities, and support them in reaching their fullest potential. We  provide personalized training and consultation to the people we support and their teams.

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    What We Do

    • Partner with people with disabilities, caregivers and employers to promote an “Everyday Life”
    • Embrace our participants’ opportunities, relationships, rights and responsibilities

    Who We Serve

    • Anyone receiving Consolidated or P/FDS Waiver, BASE funding or private pay OR children and adults diagnosed with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and/or Autism
    • Consultations available for children participating in Lifesteps Children’s Services

    Our Services

    • Conduct Functional Behavioral Assessments
    • Develop Behavior Support Plans
    • Develop Restrictive Procedure Plans
    • Develop Crisis Plans
    • Train, model and coach caregivers and employers on the use of strategies
    • Work closely or collaborate with doctors and other providers to ensure a continuity of care
    • Trauma – information and resources (Jenny to provide additional language)

    Meet Our Families (this will be populated with your success stories when available)

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