Richard’s Story

Richard’s Story 150 150 Lifesteps

Caring for an aging loved one with health issues is often a daunting task. When severe dementia is diagnosed, understanding how to help is half the battle.

Richard, a participant at Lifesteps Adult Day Health Services, came to the program two years ago. Since 1988, the program has been providing medically-monitored day services for seniors with an affordable option of care and support for individuals who can benefit from a structured, safe and relaxed environment.

Richard transitioned into the Lifesteps Adult Day Health Services program almost immediately telling other participants stories and sharing his experiences.  As is natural with dementia, both staff and family have seen Richard declining. He attends the program more frequently allowing his wife the respite needed to recharge and enjoy more quality time with her husband.

As Richard’s wife sees everyday as a new experience with her husband’s decline in mental ability, she has come to appreciate the respite Lifesteps provides for her to run errands, work in her yard, and find some time for peaceful relaxation all while knowing her husband is being cared for in a safe environment. She is also content that knowing for now, she and Richard can continue to share memories together at home.