Renee’s Story

Renee’s Story 150 150 Lifesteps

As a young adult, Renee looked to her future with anticipation and anxiousness. She wants to be employed and be a productive team member. In 2016, Renee and her family decided that joining Lifesteps Transition Program…The Next Step was the right choice to better prepare her to meet achieve her employment goal.

Lifesteps program works with young adults to continue a life-long learning attitude for pre-vocational and self-advocacy skills. Through continued development of independent living skills, vocational and employment skills and on-going education, Lifesteps Transition Program…The Next Step, better prepares young adults to reach their fullest potential.

Renee, like many, has basic Competitive Integrated Employment skills to improve such as increasing her speed at given tasks, more focus and purposeful action to accomplish assigned duties and the ability to work comfortably without anxious anticipation.

After program instruction and development, Renee began participating in unpaid work experiences at community business partner locations to reinforce skills presented in classroom instruction. Through those experiences, Renee’s confidence increased while her anxiety decreased.  She became consistent on the basic “soft” employment skills assessed on each unpaid work experience.

In 2018, a local employer took notice of Renee’s exceptional work ethic while she was participating in an unpaid work experience.  Renee will soon be joining their team once she is masters essentials tasks needed to be done in the job.

Today, Renee is working with a Job Coach at the business striving to develop the skills necessary for the position. Renee’s drive and commitment continue to fuel her eagerness to learn and master the required skills that she needs to become a future valued employee.