Life’s Changing Needs

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Adapting During Unprecedented Times

Over the course of this unprecedented year, Lifesteps has continued to help individuals and families with life’s changing needs. The Agency has adapted to challenges while continuing to provide high-quality services for those in need. Lifesteps staff continue to show determination in support of those served while staying positive during the pandemic.

Staff have continually “stepped up” and worked diligently to keep program participants and each other healthy, safe and supported. Communication has been key to keeping Agency staff educated on current protocols in accordance with health regulations and updated as changes occur. As essential workers, those at Lifesteps are committed to stop the spread of COVID-19 while holding true to the Agency’s vision to improve the quality of life for members of our community.

COVID-19 has presented numerous unexpected obstacles that have changed the way the Agency serves. At the start of the pandemic, staff members collaborated on how to implement new methods of programming and ways to closely monitor activities to help ensure the safety of the children and adults with disabilities served. Virtual services and in-person social distancing have allowed programs to continue and serve participants safely. Staff have been creative in developing daily lessons that have provided an adaptive way for program participants to interact with staff and their peers. The participants Lifesteps serves continue to grow, learn and develop.

During these challenging times, it is not only the Agency and staff who have adapted, but also program participants.

Program participants have proven their ability to acclimate to changes and continue to aspire toward their goals. For young children, it’s continuing to learn and prepare for Kindergarten. For adults with disabilities, it’s developing new skills that support future employment and independence. For families, it’s support to help their child or loved one. For seniors, it’s returning to community activities feeling safe.

Programming has changed throughout the Agency’s nearly 100-year history and this past year. Due to the pandemic, changes may continue to occur moving forward. The Agency remains committed to helping individuals and families with life’s changing needs. No matter the challenge, Lifesteps will continue to help create brighter futures for those served.

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