Language Development 2-3 years

Language Development 2-3 years 960 637 Lifesteps

Language is what enables your child to share thoughts, emotions, and ideas with others. You’re probably amazed by the things your toddler says each day. These are fun ways to build on already blossoming language skills.

  • Blow bubbles and let the conversation begin. Big bubbles, little bubbles, high in the sky bubbles, and down to the ground bubbles.
  • Count bright colored vegetables and fruit at the supermarket. Talk about the colors and the shapes of the produce.
  • Play Hide Teddy Bear! Play a search game teaching prepositions like ‘Is Teddy under your bed’? ‘Is Teddy in your toy box’? ‘Where is Teddy”?
    The more successful your child is when talking, the more they will want to communicate.

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