Infant Language Development

Infant Language Development 874 1024 Lifesteps

Language refers to more than spoken words and begins the moment your baby is born. New babies listen to familiar voices around them and respond pleasurably.  You may already be encouraging your baby’s language skills and not even know!

  • Sing songs and hum while holding your baby. Infants enjoy the repetitiveness of the melody. This is also a very soothing activity before nap.
  • Read your infant a book and tell stories. It is never too early to start.
  • When your infant makes any type of sound, react to it. Your baby will learn quickly that sounds create responses.
  • Tell your baby what you’re doing as you bathe, diaper, rock, cuddle, and feed.  Make sure your baby can see your face when you’re speaking.

Enjoy these simple activities!  Observing your baby develop is a fun and fascinating adventure


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