Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Act 33

Please visit  and follow the instructions below to obtain your PA Child Abuse Clearance (Act 33).

  1. Select “Create Individual Account”
  2. Select “Next”
  3. Create Keystone ID (Write down ID created and save it. You will need this to access your clearance later).
  4. Enter required information. A temporary password will be sent to the email address you provided.  You will need this temporary password to complete your clearance request.
  5. Answer 3 security questions. (Write down answers as you will need them to access your clearance)
  6. Answer security question on bottom of page
  7. Click “Finish”
  8. Check your email address you provided for your temporary password
  9. Close out of the child abuse clearance website
  10. Return to
  11. Click “Individual Login”
  12. Click “Access My Clearances”
  13. Read information and click “Continue”
  14. Enter your User Name you created
  15. Enter the Temporary Password from your email
  16. Click “Login”
  17. Under Security Questions click “Start”
  18. Answer the two security questions using the answers you entered earlier
  19. Click “Next”
  20. Choose “Private Device” or “Public or Shared Device”
  21. Click “Select”
  22. Create a new Password
  23. Click “Submit”
  24. Click “Close Window”
  25. Enter your User Name and New Password
  26. Click on “Login”
  27. Read and “Accept” the terms
  28. Click “Next”
  29. Read information and click “Continue”
  30. Click “Create Clearance Application”
  31. Read information and click “Begin”
  32. Under Application Purpose choose the 4th item down. “Employee of Child Care Services”, etc. All employees are to use this selection because Lifesteps has children’s services programs. Use this option even if you are not working directly with children.
  33. Click “Next”
  34. Enter requested information and click “Next”
  35. Enter requested information and click “Next”
  36. Enter requested information and click “Next”
  37. Enter requested information and click “Next”
  38. Review the information you have submitted and click “Next”
  39. Certify the information is correct then type your first and last name only
  40. Click “Next”
  41. Select “No” under “Did an organization provide a code for your application?”
  42. Click “Make a Payment”
  43. Enter payment information
  44. Click “Pay with Credit Card”
  45. Print last page to show you submitted an application for your Child Abuse Clearance
  46. In approximately 1 week, you will receive an email with the results. Log on to website and enter your ID and password.
  47. Click “Access My Clearances”
  48. Print clearance and submit to Human Resources