FBI Criminal Background Check

Please use the below website to order your FBI Clearance(s).  DO NOT look up “ACT 151 or FBI Clearance” on search engines.  You will not be directed to the correct website. You should only pre-enroll for your FBI Clearance through IDENTOGO.

  • https://uenroll.identogo.com
  • Cost is approximately $23.85 (TO BE PAID AT SELECTED FINGERPRINTING LOCATION) Most locations take credit card and money order payments.
  • Enter one of the following codes using CAPITAL letters:
    •  1KG756 – Pennsylvania DHS-Employee >= 14 Years Contact w/Children
    • 1KG738 – Pennsylvania DHS-Child Care Services/Program Employee or Contractor (only for employees working with Children)
    • 1KG8RJ – Dept. of Aging (In addition to one of the above clearances, this is required for all  employees who have not lived in the State of Pennsylvania for the past two consecutive years).

****Please note that Lifesteps cannot accept a FBI clearance through the Department of Education****

  • Click “Schedule or Manage Appointment” and complete all sections in registration.
  • Print Pre-enrollment form.
  • Take Pre-enrollment form to the local fingerprinting location you chose when completing the pre-

enrollment form and have fingerprints scanned electronically.  Bring original clearance or receipt with you to orientation and/or give a copy of the receipt or clearance to your supervisor.

  • Clearance will arrive in the mail in approximately 3 weeks.