Betsy’s Story

Betsy’s Story 150 150 Lifesteps

Diagnosed with dementia and no longer able to live independently, Betsy relies on her family for care living with her daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren. As Betsy’s dementia progressed, her family knew they needed to find support so that they could maintain their employment and typical life for their children. They found Lifesteps.

In 2016, Betsy’s family enrolled her in the Lifesteps Adult Day Health Services program. The medically-monitored day program has been providing care and support for seniors since 1988 with an affordable option to care for individuals who can benefit from a structured, safe and supportive environment.

Change is often difficult, and for seniors suffering from dementia, it can especially be difficult for them as well as their loved ones. When Betsy arrived at Lifesteps, she was very apprehensive about being in an unfamiliar place. She asked questions of staff about her family wondering “where they were” and “if they were okay.” Overtime however, Betsy transitioned to sharing life stories and recent family activities.

Betsy has adjusted to the program and even the public transportation she takes to travel to the program through the local BART system. She has become very comfortable and interacts well with the other clients. Showing more confidence in herself, she now encourages others around her to participate in activities. She has become a leader that the others will follow.

Betsy’s daughter has commented that she sees a difference in her Mom on the days she comes to program. Her daughter and son-in-law have expressed that they have the peace of mind that she is in a safe and structured environment while they are at work.