Strategic Direction

Lifesteps Agency strategies are driven by 5 key Strategic Directions. These key areas are the foundation for carrying out the Agency’s mission of helping individuals and families with life’s changing needs.

Programs, Services, and Assurance of Quality

Lifesteps will continue to provide programs and services that meet the needs and challenges of individuals and families of all ages in the Agency’s multi-county service area. Programs will be continuously evaluated and will be held to the highest standards of excellence.


Lifesteps aspires to be fully staffed through the recruitment and retention of qualified and dedicated people. The Agency will be recognized as the employer of choice for the highest quality workforce who delivers service excellence through the greatness of their work.


Lifesteps will ensure its stability in an ever-changing environment through a diverse resource base that will support the full spectrum of high quality programs and services.


Lifesteps will be recognized as the first-choice human services Agency in western PA delivering comprehensive, high-quality programs and services to all generations. The Agency will be sought by individuals and families as well as a variety of organizations, businesses, and governmental entities as a prestigious partner.


Lifesteps will be effectively governed by a diverse Board of Directors who represent the community, bring a variety of skills and expertise, and support the continued excellence of the Agency.