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Child Check

Child Check
A FREE Developmental/Autism Screening Program

Since the 1980s, Child Check has provided thousands of families with information on their child’s developmental progress. The service guides families to necessary resources when delays are detected. Community support through individual donations, foundation grants, and United Way contributions help to sustain this FREE service. Screening is available in Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Indiana and Lawrence counties.

A screening is a brief assessment using games & activities to determine a child’s current level of development. Recognizing early warning signs of childhood delays can improve a child’s chances to reach their potential.  

Developmental Milestones:



  • Reacts when you call earing
  • to him/her
  • Vocalizes in a normal 
  • tone of voice
  • Turns to face the source of 
  • sounds or voices by 6 months
  • Follows objects with his/her 
  • eyes by age 6 months
  • Views objects with both 
  • eyes aligned
  • Notices objects, people, 
  • or animals around him/her 
  • when other children do
  • Says “Mama” and “Dada” 
  • by age 1
  • Is talking in short sentences 
  • by age 3
  • Is understood by most people outside the family 
  • by age 3
  • Puts toys in his/her mouth 
  • by age 7 months
  • Plays games such as 
  • peek-a-boo, patty cake, 
  • or wave bye-bye by age 1
  • Imitates parents doing household chores
  • by age 2 or 3
Social Skills
  • Imitates facial expressions
  • Looks at a toy across the room  if you point to it
  • Points at items to 
  • indicate interest

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Check out the Child Check calendar for Community Screening locations and dates.

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In a Mother's Words...

"[My son] has become the young man he is today because a member of Lifesteps’ Child Check team took the time to screen him properly."