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When given the opportunity, everyone is capable of reaching their fullest potential. Richard, an adult participating in the B.E.S.T. program of Beaver County, is experiencing a new way of life because of the support he has been receiving through the program.

Direct Care Professionals at Lifesteps’ five Adult Training Facilities, provide support for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities like Richard. The facilities in Beaver and Butler Counties offer the B.E.S.T. program, giving individuals a chance to develop everyday abilities that most take for granted. The individuals are offered a highly structured and educationally focused program in the areas of academics, leisure skills, music therapy, art, vocational training and sensory awareness.

While in an assisted living facility for nearly four months, Richard’s mobility was drastically limited since he spent most of his time in a wheelchair, and his verbal communication skills were slipping away. His Supports Coordinator suggested to his family that they consider the B.E.S.T. program offered at Lifesteps to help him break the deteriorating cycle and in March 2006, Richard was enrolled. Genia, Direct Care Professional at Lifesteps, along with other B.E.S.T. staff, now provide Richard with a structured daily routine.

Within the past two years, he has shown great improvements. Once confined to a wheelchair, Richard now gets around primarily by walking. He has shown a new interest in playing games, discovered his own sense of humor and is always excited about trying new things. Richard also attends community outings with the B.E.S.T. program including a tour of PNC Park, dining out and birthday parties with his peers.

“This program encourages independence among the individuals and Richard is realizing that he has the ability to be independent,” said Genia. As Richard and other adults continue to receive the support provided through Lifesteps’ B.E.S.T. program, they are discovering an improved quality of life.

Karen, Richard’s sister, has seen the changes in her brother because of the program. “It didn’t take long for Richard to display a positive change in his behavior at Lifesteps. They take more time with him there,” said Karen. “They truly care.”

Lifesteps also offers a Community OutReach program (COR) at its Adult Training Facilities in Armstrong, Indiana and Washington Counties. In addition to structured group activities, the program offers individualized support plans; structured individualized activities such as crafts and audio-visual stimulation; leisure training; and community-based outings.

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