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Lifesharing- A caregiver shows an individual how to dry dishes


For those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Lifesharing through family living is sharing experiences with a caring person or family who form a supportive household. Lifesharing is recognized as being a close personal relationship between a person with an intellectual/developmental disability and a host family or companion by inviting the individual into their home.

Lifesharing enriches the lives of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities by host families or companions who open their homes and hearts. Receiving consistent individualized attention and support, and developing a trusting caring relationship between the person with intellectual/developmental disabilities and the host family or companion are just some of the wonderful benefits of Lifesharing.

Lifesteps provides oversight for Lifesharing Services. Lifesteps professional staff work to find the most compatible relationship between individuals and host family or companion with which they will reside. Lifesteps will provide direction and guidance to the host family or companion that will in turn, provide individual care and support to the individual.

For individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, Lifesharing may help them:

  • Be a contributing family member
  • Develop trusting and caring relationships
  • Build independence
  • Gain greater access to the community
  • Make new friends

For information on placing your loved one in a Lifesharing arrangement, or if you are interested in becoming a host family or companion, contact us or call 1-800-225-2010.

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