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Community Homes

Lifesteps believes that all individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities have the right to live an everyday life. Lifesteps currently operates 51 Community Homes in 7 western Pennsylvania counties. Community Homes enable individuals to become more independent in daily living activities, helping them to achieve the highest level of functioning and self-sufficiency.

A dedicated team of Direct Care Professionals, including Nurses, Residential Companions, Residential Aides, and Program Specialists, work with each individual to help them develop self-sufficiency in daily living skills, socialization, and leisure skills through community relationships. Lifesteps strives to provide an environment of learning, care and support so individuals can increase their ability for initiative and resourcefulness, and learn as much self-reliance as possible.

Lifesteps takes pride in being a good community neighbor in residential settings by regular maintenance and upkeep of the Community Home and surrounding property. Individuality and personalization are encouraged in Community Homes so that residents feel it is truly their home.

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In a Sister's Words...

"Your staff knows what interests and pleases each one of their charges and go out of their way to make life as pleasant and meaningful as possible for them. On top of all this the house is always clean and neat, and the guys are clean and cared for."

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