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Lifesteps Press Room

Press Room

To effectively welcome the media to Lifesteps while at the same time protecting the privacy and legal rights of Agency clients and consumers, the following media guidelines have been established for arranging interviews, videotape sessions, or photo opportunities.

Media Inquiries or Requests

Please call Lifesteps' Central Facility at (724) 283-1010 or (800) 225-1010 for all media inquiries. All  inquiry/requests are responded to with timely follow-up from the appropriate Lifesteps staff.

Media Visits to a Lifesteps' Facility

Any media visiting a Lifesteps' facility or property must have prior authorization and be accompanied by a Lifesteps' staff. Administrators of Lifesteps have the right and responsibility to remove unauthorized persons from Agency property in an effort to protect client and consumer privacy.

Advance notice of on-site interviews is necessary so Lifesteps' staff can arrange for a room for media interviews or shoots, notify the service areas involved, and line up the appropriate clients or consumers, families, and Lifesteps’ staff for your story.

Media Contacts

Lifesteps' Community Relations staff is available to assist news media in obtaining more information about a news release or event. All initial inquiries should be directed to Lifesteps' Central Facility at (724) 283-1010 or (800) 225-1010.

Our Mission

Helping individuals and families with life’s changing needs by developing programs and providing services which will improve their quality of life.