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Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic planning is an important process at Lifesteps which, along with a focus on the mission, helps to guide management decisions. With nearly a century of helping individuals and families with life’s changing needs, Lifesteps recognizes the need for a formalized strategic planning process to remain proactive and prepared for the future.

Lifesteps' Comprehensive Quality Initiative, a strategic planning process that commenced in 2006, enabled the Agency to move to the next level of excellence.

The process, facilitated by The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management, helped to coordinate a process for Board members, staff and community volunteers to gather data, identify and interview key informational sources, produce an environmental scan, survey key constituents, and evaluate Lifesteps’ current programs and services and development and marketing efforts. The information helped to identify Lifesteps’ strengths and areas for improvement to serve as the foundation for an ongoing strategic planning process.

Lifesteps’ CQI Strategic Planning Process is ever-evolving and contains Strategic Directions and goals that will honor the Agency mission. The plan will continue to acknowledge successes, while recognizing and responding to new opportunities to grow and adapt to ever-changing community needs, demands, and funding streams.

Lifesteps' Mission

Helping individuals and families with life’s changing needs by developing programs and providing services which will improve their quality of life.